Nokia Shuts Online Version Of Music Store In India

Music labels sue SiriusXM over unpaid royalties on oldies

RELATED Nokia 6-inch phablets press image leaks NEW DELHI: As part of its mobile first strategy, Nokia India has pulled the plug on the web version of its music store after running it for over 4 years. “This Nokia Music site is no longer available…You will not be able to download music from Nokia Music through your web browser, Nokia music player or Aditi,” a message on the company website said. The company, however, said people can download music through an active music subscription. “To download new music from Nokia Music and listen to Mix Radio you will need to have an active Nokia Music Unlimited subscription,” the message said. The Nokia Music Store India was launched in August, 2009 at the Music Connects conference. It allowed users to browse and buy music in order to download on PC and compatible Nokia mobile device. All Nokia Music unlimited compatible phones will come with a free period of Nokia music unlimited subscription, after which the customers may be able to renew their subscription for a fee. Asked about the shutting down of web version of Nokia music, a company spokesperson said: “We communicated the ramp down of desktop downloads in India back in 2011 as part of our mobile first strategy. We will continue to invest significantly in the success of Nokia Music in India.” Earlier this year, online retailer Flipkart had shut down Flyte, its digital music store. ALSO ON TOI

Music labels sue SiriusXM over unpaid royalties on oldies The lawsuit accuses the satellite radio company of not paying royalties for music it plays that was recorded before 1972 when federal protections kicked in. The Four Tops are just one of the bands seeking unpaid royalties from SiriusXM. (Credit: CBS) The music industry is turning up the volume in its battle against digital broadcasters with a lawsuit that accuses SiriusXM of not paying royalties on music recorded before 1972. Major labels Capitol Records, Sony Music Entertainment, and Universal Music Group Recordings, along with indie label ABKCO, sued the satellite radio company in a California court on Wednesday. The lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages, notes that “a significant portion of SiriusXM’s channels feature classic sound recordings, including channels exclusively devoted to performing recordings from the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s and ’70s.” Related stories PS Vita TV is Sony’s new spin on streaming Before sound recordings came under federal copyright protection in 1972, music copyrights were overseen by the individual states. So instead of being filed in a federal court, the lawsuit was filed in Superior Court in California, a state that had music rights protections in place before Congress extended copyright eligibility to sound recordings. “Classic tracks recorded before 1972 are an important part of American culture and an important of SiriusXM’s programming,” Dionne Warwick said in a statement provided by the Recording Industry of America, the organization that represents the music industry’s interests. “The great artists played on the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s stations should be treated with respect and properly compensated as SiriusXM is required to do, so I am asking SiriusXM not to ‘Walk On By’ and do the right thing!” A SiriusXM representative declined to comment on the lawsuit. The lawsuit is the third filed against SiriusXM in recent weeks. SoundExchange, which collects royalties on behalf of recording artists, filed a lawsuit in August that claimed the satellite radio company “systematically underpaid” royalties from 2007 to 2011. The ’60s rock band The Turtles filed a class action lawsuit in early August that seeks $100 million in damages. Topics:

NQ Mobileā„¢ “Music Radar” App Revolutionizes Music Search in China

“When we’re promoting an artist, it not only helps the artist and the marketing company, it’s helping us.” He said the deal has an economic structure that makes sense for Clear Channel. He wouldn’t go into further detail about the terms. He also said one of Clear Channel’s top goals with the partnership is growth of the digital marketplace for digital radio and custom radio. An industry source said that Warner Music benefits from the tie-up by getting more payments for its sound recordings and Clear Channel benefits by smoothing out unpredictability in its licensing costs. Related stories Intel launches Z3000 Atom for Windows 8.1, Android tablets Traditionally, terrestrial radio doesn’t pay labels to play the sound recordings of their songs, although the Digital Millennium Copyright Act did set up a sound-recording royalty for services over the Internet. The recorded music industry has shriveled in the last decade as sales have shifted to digital forms, only recently reaching the point that recorded music’s overall trade value worldwide has ceased a more than 10-year slide. Most of the credit for the stabilization is due to physical sales finally reaching their nadir, while growth in digital sales continues. Meanwhile, entrants into online radio have been encroaching on traditional radio’s turf — and driving up the costs and unpredictability of royalties in the meantime. Though AM/FM still commands the lion’s share of the radio audience, traditional broadcasters have largely sat on the sidelines as upstart digital services have taken the lead in delivering innovative radio products with new technology. The coming launch next week of iTunes Radio, Apple’s online radio service linked to its iTunes program with an installed base of more than 575 million customers worldwide , will bring the same player that upended the sale of recorded music into the realm of radio. Warner Music, however, has been one of the more progressive of the major labels to seize upon digital opportunities lately. It was the first label to strike a deal with Apple for iTunes Radio , and it reportedly was a vanguard in working with Google’s YouTube in its development of a streaming music service . Labels have also taken a contentious route to protect royalties in the digital age.

Clear Channel, Warner Music cozy up in multiplatform deal

Markets closed NQ Mobile “Music Radar” App Revolutionizes Music Search in China Next generation audio search technology now available for Android and iOS Press Release: NQ Mobile Inc. 18 hours ago 21.84 +1.7300 BEIJING and DALLAS, Sept. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — NQ Mobile (NYSE: NQ ), a leading global provider of mobile Internet services, today announced the release of “Music Radar,” a revolutionary content-based music information retrieval (MIR) application from one of its subsidiaries, Yinlong. The app is now available in China for both Android and iOS platforms, with plans for expanding the service into other countries in the near future. (Logo: ) With Music Radar, NQ Mobile is addressing the evolving mobile and wearables markets, offering new forms of user interaction and the next generation of audio search technology. The app makes searching for music more accurate and convenient in the mobile environment. Features include: An innovative melody recognition engine; it can even find if sung or hummed Extremely fast music recognition On-the-go music listening and downloading capabilities Social sharing through Simple Notification Service (SNS) “We are pleased to bring a leading technology in the evolving category of mobile devices,” said Dr. Henry Lin, Co-CEO, NQ Mobile. “In addition to searching for music through traditional means like recorded audio clips and files, users can now also accurately search for music by singing or humming. As mobility trends continue to change the way in which we interact with devices and information, NQ Mobile will be at the forefront of technology innovation. We will also adopt this leading audio recognition technology for not only music search, but also to other areas related to radio, video and TV content applications.Many new mobile devices including “wearables” require new modes of user interaction and NQ’s technology is leading the way to enhance the applications and solutions around this market.” “This is an exciting new technology solution and application,” said Mr. Omar Khan, Co-CEO, NQ Mobile. “We are continuing to expand the way in which we can engage and ultimately monetize our growing user base.Adding innovative solutions that make a better user experience across a variety of mobile devices is an important part of this strategy.” About NQ Mobile NQ Mobile Inc. ( NQ ) is a leading global provider of mobile Internet services. NQ Mobile is a mobile security pioneer with proven competency to acquire, engage, and monetize customers globally.NQ Mobile’s portfolio includes mobile security and mobile games as well as advertising for the consumer market and consulting, mobile platforms and mobility services for the enterprise market.