New York’s Winner Message In Mayor’s Race

Also, a City Council candidate involved in another sexual-harassment case lost after voters learned that he had made unwanted verbal advances to a female staffer during games of virtual Scrabble. So the question is: What lessons can non-New Yorkers draw from all this? A) Wow, you people have really weird candidates. B) This is the end of the second act for politicians who lose their jobs because of sexual misbehavior. Theyll no longer be able to imagine that they can get back in the game under the guise of wanting to serve the community. C) There are sex scandals, and then there are sex scandals. Well, A is definitely right. If you are a New Yorker, people in other parts of the country will often tell you: Boy, I wish I could spend some time in New York! But nobody ever says: Boy, I wish I could vote in New York! And for good reason. Not B. Back-from-sex-scandal candidates will always be with us, particularly if the comeback target is a seat in Congress. Voters will overlook a lot when it comes to Congress, perhaps because they like the idea of sending these people out of town. Just this spring, South Carolina shipped the disgraced ex-governor Mark Sanford off to the House. Just this week, National Journal reported that Sanford got a special exemption from the rules so that his mistress-turned-fiancee could accompany him on a Congressional trip to Israel. I would like to discuss all the thoughts that come to mind when we combine Mark Sanford and trip, but there is just not enough room. Possibly C. Remember the recent ouster of the San Diego mayor who gave his name to the Filner headlock. Voters may have decided theyll put up with a lot, but not sexual harassment. Now lets move on. Really, New York is capable of providing large thoughts that do not concern sex.