Music Is Medicine For Aspiring Doctor

Side by side, teacher and student played, and the student had no reservations in showing off his skills. But, what will Abijah do with all of this talent and training? The aspiring songwriter and singer said he wants to teach music and play it professionally, preferably the harmonica and the keyboard. “Those are very easy for me to learn. When I am playing those, I don’t have any problems. It’s easy, very, very easy for me,” he said. He has already been playing at church, and even performed at his own primary school graduation. Frankenstein brain Yet, he also wants to be a doctor, a doctor who plays and teaches music, which, he said, calms him, especially when his schoolmates, who don’t understand him, call him names and get on his nerves. His hyperactivity, the subject matters and songs that he’s interested in, set him apart from his peers, some of whom doubt his musical acumen and who are not in a position to discuss concepts such as ‘Doomsday’ and genetic fusion, which he explained to Rural Xpress. Autopsies and finding medical cures, too, are some of the areas he’s interested in. “I am going to become a Frankenstein. I have a Frankenstein brain,” he declared. Yes, he’s bordering on genius, excelling in many subjects, but he has a little challenge with a particular subject, mathematics, surprisingly. “I am not that good at math, but I getting to that point. I am still trying to master math,” the youngster who swims, runs, plays cricket, football, and table tennis declared. And from what Rural Xpress has seen and heard, there is absolutely no doubt that he will.