Celebrity Dads Divide Up Twin Babies On Biological Lines

Celebrity Big Brother Finalist Mario Falcone To Quit TOWIE? ‘I’ve Thought About It’

Source: NewsComAu Jurica is the father of Cielo’s fraternal twin, Cedric. The men’s partnership, which culminated in marriage in 2003, blew apart during the pregnancy in January, with bitter recriminations. After Tutera decided to end the union on New Year’s Day, Jurica made public accusations against him, saying the wedding organiser was a “sex addict” who had an addiction to prostitutes. Jurica, who has previously been arrested for drink driving and public intoxication, ended up checking himself into rehab. The men now live with each of their babies on opposite side of the US, Jurica in Connecticut and Tutera in California. Publicity over the split caused several websites to run posts saying it was reminiscent “of that story in the bible where they threaten to cut the baby in two” Urban Baby posted “isn’t this the plot of the Parent Trap?” Tutera went on The View and said he “absolutely” wanted the kids to have a relationship each other. Celebrity wedding planner, David Tutera, caught in Biblical baby twin split. Picture: Facebook. Source: NewsComAu Quizzed by Barbara Walters, Tutera said if the babies shared exactly the same DNA the couple might not have split them up. But it would take time for the estranged men to rebuild a friendship to allow the children a relationship. “That can’t happen until the environment is calm and peaceful,” he said. “I have no right to not have them know each other, but I can protect my daughter about when that time is the right time.

Celebrity wedding planner, David Tutera, caught in

‘I’ve Thought About It’ EntertainmentWise 52 minutes ago Print Mario Falcone was one of the most popular housemates on Celebrity Big Brother , with viewers and the Essex boy’s co-habitees all singing his praises. The morning after Mario left the house in fifth place in Friday’s grand finale, EntertainmentWise sat down with the star to talk his house experience and whether he’ll be returning to TOWIE ! Mario exited the house with sixth place finalist Vicky Entwistle last night, leaving his new best mate, Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby to take the winners crown. Admitting that he wanted to take part in the Channel 5 show to show viewers the real him, Mario told EntertainmentWise the morning after his big night: “I hope I’ve changed people’s perceptions. On TOWIE I’ve never been allowed to be myself. Hopefully people have seen the real me.” Mario seemed keen to tell us and other journalists today that we definitely don’t get to see what he’s really like on his ITV2 show, where he’s portrayed as the hunky lothario who cheated on his ex fiancee Lucy Mecklenburgh multiple times. Mario Falcone finished fifth in Celebrity Big Brother (WENN/Channel 5) The Essex lad told us that whilst he admits to sleeping with other girls behind Lucy’s back, most of his “fun times” are cut from the series, including his banter with his pals. “TOWIE have always liked to put the bad stuff out about me. I’ve learnt to deal with it but I find it hard that my family have to see the bad press when they know that’s not the case,” he reveals. The 25-year-old also confessed that there’s been times he’s seriously considered quitting the hit show: “There’s been loads of times I’ve thought about quitting.” With the whole cast jetting to Vegas next week to film the opener for the new series, Mario is set to come face to face again with Lucy, but he’s keen to move forward in the new season and continue showing viewers the real him: “I don’t want to go back to being that person so I’m hoping they’ll let me be me on camera [in TOWIE] otherwise we’ll have to talk about my future on the show. We’ll see.”