Britney Spears Meets Her Boyfriend’s Family—get All The Details!

Spears sent out a series of tweets that her new track “Work Bitch” will be released worldwide Monday, September 16 at 6 pm on ET (Entertainment Tonight), iHeartRadio, and on local radio stations around the United States. She later tweeted that “Work Bitch” will be available on iTunes September 17. “Are u ready?!” she asked her millions of followers and added the hashtag “#YouBettaWorkB”. Like Us on Facebook As for the music video, Britney has been working on that as well. That picture she sent out sporting a teal bikini was taken while on set for “Work Bitch”. Spears sent out the following tweet after posting the pic, “Gonna get my tan on in the desert in between shots on the #WorkBitch set today. It’s HOT out here people!!!! #desert #heatwave.” Now, as far as her work with the twerking Miley Cyrus goes, the two do have a duet together called “SMS”, which will appear on Cyrus’s upcoming album “BANGERZ” set to be released October 8. Spears once again took to twitter and tweeted, “Now It’s Britney AND Miley bitch! #TheyreNotReady for this @MileyCyrus… 😉 #SMSbangerz.” Good Morning America is even on the Britney Spears band wagon. The show will be having “the biggest names in pop” performing on the show throughout the week. Britney Spears is set to perform on the show September 17, which is the same day she is releasing “Work Bitch” on iTunes.

Wes Welker Lip-Syncs Britney Spears While Dressed In Drag [Video]

Wes Welker Gets Hair Transplant To Combat Receding Hairline

He can run fast, he can catch a football, and he does one mean Britney Spears impersonation. Unfortunately, it appears that Wes Welkers lip-syncing career peaked in high school. The Denver Broncos quarterback was on NFL Total Access this week to talk about his debut with Peyton Manning , but host Dan Hellie was more interested in Welkers dancing abilities. The host told Welker that he had heard rumors about an infamous pep rally at Heritage Hall High School in Oklahoma City where Wes dressed up like Britney Spears for a lip-syncing contest. Wes did not deny the rumors. The football player said : Gosh, Id love to say false there, but I did Id love to say false, but they have me on video. Ive already bought them off, so you wont be seeing that anytime soon. Well, Welker must not have paid them enough money because a video of the event leaked to the internet today. Wes can be seen dressed up as one of Christina Aguileras backup dancers as well as Mrs. Britney Spears. Welkers former teacher said : He was a superstar in the homecoming pep assembly lip sync contest in his senior year He was a backup dancer. Probably the one that brought the house down with his portrayal of Britney Spears. Yes, that person pictured above, the one that kind of looks like Britney Spears, thats Wes Welker.

“She came in Wednesday night to Lynchburg on a flight from Charlotte, North Carolina,” he tells E! News. “She was with two bodyguards. She sat in the front of the plane and she kept talking to the two men.” According to Schweighart, Spearswho only brought a carry-on bagwas escorted off the plane by a flight attendant. The blond beauty took a few days off from her grueling schedule, but she’s going to get right back to work afterward. Twitter Speaking of workBrit revealed the cover art for the next single “Work Bitch” today on Twitter. She captioned the pic, “4 days people! Go call the Po-Lice! Go call the Governor! #WorkB” And if the cover art is any hint of what’s to come for the music video, we are all in for quite a show. The Grammy winner tweeted that her new track will premiere worldwide Monday, Sept. 16 at 6 p.m.